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What Type Of Course Do You Require?

When looking for a driving school that suits your needs you will be most comfortable with someone that you find you get along with and that you are learning something. There is no point having lessons with a driving instructor and coming away at the end of the lesson feeling, ´well I didn�t really understand that´ or ´I´m not learning anything, just driving around!´ If these are the things that you hear yourself saying, then it probably isn�t the right instructor or driving school for you.

Here at Drive bug we always give good positive feedback to all our pupils explaining anything that they maybe didn�t understand and offering advice in the areas that need to be addressed. The pupil must always come away from the lesson feeling that he/she has learnt something new, whether it be a new skill, a different approach, a new technique etc.

We offer a range of Lessons specially tailor made for you.

Pay As You Go - these are where you pay each time you take a lesson each week.

Block Bookings - these are paying for a block of lessons in advance where you save money. e.g. 10hrs, 20hrs, etc.

Intensive Courses - maybe you are keen to pass your test quickly? Maybe for a job prospect of moving away to uni etc. These are pre-paid blocksof either 10,20,30 or 40hrs training booked in advanced.

Whichever course you think you need please call us at Drive Bug and we will discuss your needs and help you decide the right course for you.

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