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Intensive Courses

We offer a range of Intensive Courses from start up to experienced refresher courses. You should already have passed your Theory test prior to booking an intensive

Our Intensive Courses are designed to be tailor made to suit your criteria. In other words we will evaluate your drive and then advise a suitable training plan for you, whether it be a short 10hrs refresher course or from complete novice up to 45 – 50hrs.
Firstly we would carry out a 2hr Assessment Lesson and from this we can then evaluate your drive and calculate how many hours is necessary.

Please call us for availability and prices 0800 112 0014 / 07860 746846

Semi Intensives

Semi Intensive Courses are designed for those that have already had some driving experience. It might be you’ve been away at university or away on an apprenticeship course or maybe just didn’t have the time and money to complete your training you started originally? If you fall into this category then this is probably the right course for you.
Remember Semi Intensive and full Intensive courses are really designed to pass your test quickly, maybe if you are relying on a job vacancy etc.

Again we would first carry out an assessment drive, evaluate your skills and decide at which level you are and the best course suited for you.

For semi and full intensive courses it is always best to already have passed your theory test as this will speed up the process.

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